About Us




“Opportunities will come and go, but if you do nothing about them, so will you.”
Richie Norton, author 

We first met in 2016 at a distilling workshop in the Okanagan. It was our passion for making spirits, attention to craftsmanship and a desire to take traditional spirits and experiences to another level that laid the foundation for Bridgeland Distillery. It was impossible to deny fate with names like Jacques and Daniel and no accident that the distillery’s focus is on Brandy, Whisky, Grappa and Eau de Vie’s highlighting our origins and heritage.  

The location of the distillery is rooted in the community of Bridgeland-Riverside with over 100 years of history rich in culture and a sense of community. The distillery provides a unique working and entertaining venue connecting people with an undeniable cooperative spirit and a desire to celebrate. 

Our logo depicts the Reconciliation Bridge, a through truss bridge and one of the oldest in Calgary. It spans the Bow River and has connected generations of people in and out of Downtown Calgary. It is fitting that we too are connecting generations of people by bridging tradition with innovation in the spirits we produce.

Come see us for a visit and hear our story of humble beginnings.

Jacques & Daniel